Sabtu, 15 Januari 2011


The craze for tattoos  never decreases, in fact it increases whenever a new design comes into the market! Earlier only new designs would create excitement, now however, the tattoo locations create more excitement than the design! Arm tattoos, back tattoos, wrist tattoos are too common now. Lip tattoos  and thigh tattoos are something that takes one to the throne of fame instantly! However, they too have their pros and cons. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of getting a thigh tattoo, followed by various thigh tattoo designs.
Why a Thigh Tattoo?
Thigh tattoos are uncommon tattoos. People generally get a thigh tattoo because it is easy to hide it. There are many places, especially organizations where tattoos are not allowed, so tattoo lovers opt for locations like the thigh where the tattoo can easily be hidden. This is one advantage of a thigh tattoo, however, there is one major disadvantage also. Though a tattoo is a permanent thing, it has a tendency to sag. So if you get a thigh tattoo done, there are high chances of your thigh tattoo sagging if you gain even a little weight. But on the other hand, thigh tattoos also have a long life as they are hardly ever exposed to the sun. So there are both advantages and disadvantages of thigh tattoos, thus one should think at least twice before getting one. The following are some nice designs that can be used for thigh tattoos.

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