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Chest tattoos have been favorite tattoos  with both sexes. This is also a preferred spot for a tattoo, because of the large canvas available for the artist to do this work. You can either choose to get a big tattoo, which covers the entire chest or opt for a smaller design. The other reason for the popularity of chest tattoos is that any design or motif can be used to make a tattoo on the chest. Sometimes display of tattoos at workplace may not be acceptable. At such times, it is easy to hide the tattoo with a shirt. You can be creative and make an unique chest tattoo designs for yourself.
Chest Tattoo Ideas
Chest tattoos are an impressive as well as intimidating piece of a tattoo. A number of different design elements can be combined to make an intricate tattoo design. When you are getting a chest tattoo, the placement of chest tattoos for men tattoo should be given sufficient thought. The area which is referred to as chest in case of male tattoos, runs from the bottom of their neck to the top of their stomach. The chest area for women starts at the base of their neck and ends at the top of the upper curve of the breasts. Hence, upper chest tattoos are very popular among the womenfolk as compared to menfolk.Eagle tattoos are very popular tattoo designs for men, because they are majestic and at the same time also beautiful. Many people opine that no other bird is able to capture the pure essence of freedom better than an eagle. Normally eagle tattoos are done in Native American motifs or in military motifs.

In chest tattoos for women, a tattoo representing a necklace is very popular. It is seen as a permanent piece of jewelery. However, special attention will have to be paid to the color combination used to make the tattoo. These tattoos end at the shoulders, this gives the person the liberty to make another tattoo on the back. The other designs which are very popular among women tattoo lovers are names of their loved ones or children, heart tattoo designs, flower tattoos, butterfly tattoos and other feminine tattoo designs. A lot of people opt for name of a person who is dearly loved or has passed away. At the same time, lettering tattoos can also be combined with a design or symbol which reminds you of the person. Some of the tattoo artists are also able to make faces of the loved ones on the chest.
A lot of tribal tattoo designs for chest tattoos are also very popular. Among tribal chest tattoos, Maori tribal tattoos are known to make chest tattoos in a ritualistic way. There are some tattoo designs which can be used by both the sexes. The examples of these kind of designs include large tattoos of ships, religious tattoos, etc. However, the pirate ship is more popular among men. Other designs which can also be used along with ships and nautical themes are nautical star tattoos, anchor tattoos, swallow tattoos, etc. Normally, designs which are chosen have their own meaning. You may want to read on anchor tattoos for girls.
When you decide to get chest tattoos, you will also have to give the cost factor a thought, as getting a chest tattoo done can be expensive. Getting chest tattoos made can be a painful process as well, another factor that has to be kept in mind. The areas include the breast bone, where there is typically less fat and muscle to cushion the bone beneath the skin. Hence, you will have to take your pain tolerance level into consideration when you decide to get chest tattoos made. At the same time, it is recommended you opt for an experienced tattoo artist, so that you have the right design and do not regret your decision of getting a tattoo made. In case you think that you can opt for tattoo removal later, then let me tell you it will also be a very painful process. You can opt for a temporary tattoo, and if you are happy with the way it has turned out, you can go in for a permanent tattoo.

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