Sabtu, 15 Januari 2011

8 Great Mens Tattoos Designs Under My Version

Mens Tattoos, Mens Tattoos Designs, Mens Tattoos and I was lying in bed last night reading jokes on my Iphone when I thought I don’t really do that many Mens Tattoos. I guess it’s because I love those females tats but I sat up in bed and made a note to do a blog on some really stunning Mens Tattoos.
Today I am bringing you 8 really stunning Mens Tattoos Designs photos,  so you can have a great selection of Mens Tattoos to pick from if that’s the tattoo idea you are looking for.
The first of my Mens Tattoos are these two beauties and I bet you girls love that six pack, just like mine !
The second of my Mens Tattoos is of course the hot David Beckham, some chicks say I look like him but I think I am hotter.
The third of my Mens Tattoos is this awesome Heart Tattoo although I kinda hate hairy belly buttons.
The fourth of my Mens Tattoos is this jawdropping “Chase Your Dreams” tattoo. I once chased my dreams but she slapped me and nearly got me arrested !
Ok the fifth of my Mens Tattoos might be a little weird looking but 10/10 for being original.
The sixth of my Mens Tattoos is the amazing Eminem and what a cool tattoo this cool rapper has.
The seventh of my Mens Tattoos is this totally awesome Japanese Dragon Tattoo, now this is deff one cool tattoo.
The last of my Mens Tattoos just shows that men can get star tattoos as well and ya gotta love the rosary tattoo as well. Methinks I will be doing more Mens Tattoos Blog.

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