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There are several different varieties and patterns of tattoos that are found in the market today. People are searching for tattoo designs that will match their personality and also give them an out-of-the-crowd appearance. Since there are many who have started sporting different styles and patterns of tattoos, it is very difficult to find unique tattoos. To come up with the best unique tattoo, you should use your creativity at its best.
Wearing Crazy Tattoo Designs
As these tattoos are meant to look crazy, they can be worn on any part of your body. You can flaunt them on the arm, sleeves, at the back of the neck, on the shoulders, legs or hands, or just anywhere possible. Crazy tattoos are generally a mixture of Celtic tattoo designs, tribal tattoos, Gothic tattoo patterns, and any other styles that you can imagine.
Some tattoo enthusiasts choose intricate tattoos to be worn all over their body, or a major part, such as whole hand and all over their chest and back. Being crazy, these tattoos usually would make us laugh or just wonder about the artist’s creativity and imagination. Some crazy tattoos are made in such a way that it may seem like something vulgar.
Crazy Tattoo Ideas
A crazy tattoo can be one which is made all over the head, face, and neck in continuity; and that too in a chess board format. This kind of tattoo will hide the actual identity of the person wearing it. Instead of a chessboard format, you can even choose different complicated patterns with attractive colors. Another very common and good example of a crazy tattoo is a person using a grass cutter on the head of a half-bald man. This will really be a funny view of the grass cutter being used to cut the hair on the head.
For a crazy tattoo, you can even cut all of your hair on the head except that which is behind the neck. The hair behind the neck should be cut in such a horizontal manner that when the tattoo of a person’s face is made behind the head, the hair left will be like a mustache to the tattoo. It is certain that this will make everyone laugh. Crazy tattoo designs can be made by Celtic knotwork on whole of the tongue. Some of them are incompletely made on body parts like hands or legs. And their complete visual can only be seen if the body parts are put together.
Another good and simple crazy tattoo is a picture of a half revolver made on the lower stomach, so as to create a visual of the person actually having the gun tucked in his pants. You can make a skull-like appearance by making the appropriate skull tattoo on your face, with the head being bald. A three-eyed tattoo on the face will surely look different. For this, you would need to get a tattoo of a face done on one side of your face. The tattoo should have only one eye, with one of your real eyes being the second eye for the face tattoo.
These are only few of the common crazy tattoo designs for men and women. However, there are many more that can be made using just a bit of creative thinking. There are some individuals who cover their entire back with their favorite logo, symbol, or wordings using crazy tattoo fonts.

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