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Fantasy Tattoos Ideas

Fantasy tattoos may signify a connection or fascination the wearer feels with mystical worlds; it may also show a curious twist on sensuality, as most of the figures depicted are unearthly; however, they are frequently shaped in what is considered the ideal of earthly beauty.
One of the more timeworn fantasy tattoos feature over the top versions of warriors; curvaceous women and muscular men, scantily clad, but prepared for battle. These exaggerated figures are usually fictional creatures such as elves and fairies, and are set in a dreamlike forest scene, or waiting in front of a medieval castle.
However, fantasy tattoos have a plethora of imagery to choose from. Wizards and fairies are two of the most common images in this genre. The face of a wizard looming over an ancient city, or a small fairy lounging in a starlit garden are two interesting ideas. Another idea is using multiple fantasy images to create a scene. Using a large area of the body, such as the back, you could invent an intricate hamlet with centaurs roaming the streets, dragons flying through the air; mermaids in the ocean and elves dancing in the forests.
Another great figure for fantasy tattoos is the genie. Some of the most popular images of genies come for ‘The Arabian Nights’ stories. Most genies are seen as strong, dark figures with menacing grins. They are often shown pressing themselves out of a lamp. Other versions, though, depict a more peaceful or even good humored genie. These are often done in light hues of blue, lavender or mint green, and may be seen with crossed legs in mid-air; either with an exultant smile, or in peaceful meditation.

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